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A parent and student meet the teacher.

Children attend school until they are young adults. Early childhood and kindergarten classes help children develop academic and social skills that they will need as they get older. Elementary and middle school students learn core academic and social skills. In high school, students prepare for jobs or get ready to attend college or universities. Schools prepare students to become adults who will contribute to their communities. Although the academic and social settings change as children grow and develop, some things stay the same. Teachers and school staff work hard to prepare students for success. Some teachers and school staff use positive supports to encourage academic progress. Other positive supports help children become more confident, reduce anxiety, or address social and emotional issues. In some schools, teams work together with students to put positive supports in place to create a positive place for learning. These practices help make sure that all students can benefit from positive supports.

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Minnesota Resources

Department of Human Services School-linked Mental Health Services

2015 Minnesota Statutes- 256.995School-linked Services for At-risk Children and Youth

Minnesota Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

National Resources

School-based Mental Health
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A Framework for Successful Schools

Advancing Education Effectiveness: Interconnecting School Mental Health and School-wide Positive Behavior Support

Fact Sheet – Interconnected Systems Framework for School Mental Health

Center for School Mental Health

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