Early Childhood in Action


Dad smiling and holding his son on his shoulder

Early childhood refers to education and supports for children up to age eight. Mothers, fathers, and other caregivers are a child’s first and most important teachers. A child’s growth during his early years is very important. Children who have a chance to live in positive social settings where they can learn and grow are more successful later in life. Positive supports are used to help families and early childhood organizations promote positive social and emotional wellness for children. Some positive supports include teaching parents and caregivers new skills. Other positive supports focus on helping a mother, father, or other family members who may benefit from mental health supports. A positive support can address the needs of an infant or toddler by encouraging social skills. In some cases, positive supports are used to help a whole family or all of the children in an early childhood center. These types of practices increase the social behavior and health of everyone in that setting.

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