Person-Centered Planning in Action


Person-centered practices include: 1) tools everyone can use to learn more about a person, 2) person-centered planning, and 3) person-centered changes that are made in schools and human services settings.

Universal Person-Centered Strategies help people learn about what brings joy to someone and makes life worth living. These tools are also used to find out what a person needs to be healthy and safe.

Person-Centered Planning is used to create a positive and meaningful life for someone by building on his or her interests and strengths.  There are different methods that can be used to help a person create their dreams for a better future.

Person-Centered Organizational Changes address how supports are planned. Changes can be used to fix policies, add training, and build community supports. Services for people with disabilities, nursing homes, mental health, family homes, and other settings can make changes that improve quality of life for people.

African American senior woman looking into distance and holding her cane

Woman Sitting in the Park on a Warm Day

In Depth

A more detailed and complex look at issues impacting Person-centered Planning