Plans for Training and Technical Assistance

The Departments of Human Services and Education are currently proposing plans for large-scale training and technical assistance to organizations interested in implementing positive supports. Although the types of positive support practices will vary, organizations serving individuals receiving social, mental, and behavioral health services seek similar outcomes.

Some of the funds used to support this type of training must be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the training and assessing the costs that are involved in this activity. The assessment process also assist the state in improving training systems used to improve outcomes for individuals receiving services. Evaluation of training outcomes are summarized at the organizational, county or regional level, and at the state-wide level.

Organization-wide Data-based Decision Making

At an organizational level, teams seek strategies for evaluating progress made across each individual served. These outcomes are summarized by teams allowing for progress monitoring at an organizational level. Organizations evaluate outcomes at both an individual level and across all people receiving services.

Regional/County-wide Data-based Decision Making

Regional or county teams can support the implementation of one or more positive support practices. Team members within a region work together to support the implementation of training systems, increase visibility of important practices, and leverage resources by sharing expertise, resources, strategies, and tools. Summarizing data at the regional and/or the county level provides information about how positive supports are expanding across the state. Regional teams use summarized data for problem-solving purposes, to make recommendations to the state, and to celebrate successes.

State-wide Data-based Decision Making

State teams use data at the organizational, regional, and/or county-wide level to assess progress being made implementing a positive support practice. Information is used to allocate resources, leverage limited resources, and systematically increase the use of positive support practices.

The Minnesota Departments of Human Services and Education are currently working on a proposal for establishing training and technical assistance for specific positive supports.

Each positive support practice implemented will include:

  • A system for implementing technical assistance,
  • Information about how performance assessments are completed
  • An evaluation plan for both formative and summative evaluation

 Progress in this area will be reported on this website as it develops.