School-Linked Mental Health in Action


Many School-linked Mental Health programs are considered positive supports. Children and youth spend a large part of the day in school settings. Creating opportunities for mental health services to be offered in schools can make it easier to help children and youth. Families do not need to schedule times to visit a clinic or hospital since children can get help during the school day. When children and youth do not get mental health supports that they need, they struggle in school and later in life. Offering mental health supports at school can make it easier to prevent difficulties and to provide help as early as possible so problems don’t get worse. There are many different kinds of School-linked Mental Health programs so it is important to ask questions and learn more about the goals of each program. Some mental health programs include universal strategies for increasing the health of all children and youth or to address problems within a community. Other mental health programs provide individualized interventions for children at risk for or who have a mental illness.

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School-based Mental Health
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