Positive supports are approaches that are used to help people using a variety of proven support strategies that do not include punishment or seclusion.

But positive supports are much more than that. Positive supports are about respecting the dignity and rights of every person, while offering individualized and effective services.

Whether someone is receiving mental health, housing, educational, disability, or any other services meant to improve a person’s life, positive supports:

  • Build on the person’s unique strengths, assets, interests, expectations, cultures, and goals,
  • Respect the rights and individuality of each person, and
  • Offer solutions that are effective.

Positive supports are:

About people, not programs. Positive supports are not chosen for convenience, instead, they are designed to meet the needs of each person. .

Person-centered. Positive supports place a person at the center of decision-making. Person-centered supports are sensitive to the unique cultures and backgrounds of each person and include respecting personal choices.

Effective. Positive support practices are built on proven practices and on-going research.

Positive Support Examples:

Learn more at the MN DHS Positive Supports Website.