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The Minnesota Positive Behavior Support (MNPBS) Network brings together people who are using positive behavior support from across the state to collaborate and to encourage interagency collaboration.

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MNPBS Network Purpose

The MNPBS Network includes people interested in implementing positive behavior support, self-advocates, and family members. Our Network is used to:

  • Build on current and ongoing positive behavior support efforts,
  • Share resources and tools,
  • Create a way to share news across agencies, programs, and groups,
  • Provide information to our Minnesota communities about positive behavior support.

This is a photo of members of the Minnesota Positive Behavior Supports Network.

Please join us at one of our upcoming meetings! Email for more information about the MNPBS Network meetings.

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Twitter: @mnpbs

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The Association of Positive Behavior Support (APBS)

The MNPBS Network is an informal group established in 2015. The MNPBS Network supports the work of the Association of Positive Behavior Support. Find moreThis is an image of the PATH process for the MNPBS Network. PATH is a method of planning activities and goals. information about the Association for Positive Behavior Support at

The APBS 2021 Conference will be in Minneapolis, MN at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis.

Key MNPBS Network Activities

  • Scheduling regular MNPBS Network meetings,
  • Gathering information about PBS programs, trainings, website information, and other resources that are available across the state of Minnesota,
  • Posting information about positive behavior support online at and via Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus,
  • Identifying examples of positive behavior support in regions across the state,
  • Encouraging interagency communication at local, regional, and state levels,
  • Reaching out to local organizations and associations that are interested in positive behavior support,
  • Coordinating the Collaborators Forum ( ) annually,
  • Helping APBS to prepare for the 2021APBS Conference, and
  • Sharing information with the state about policy and training needs.

Past Conferences

Minnesota PBS Network 2019 Collaborator’s Forum

Minnesota PBS Network 2018 Collaborator’s Forum

Minnesota PBS Network 2017 Gathering